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Upcoming projects

Making  a significant place for itself in the hospitality sector with its existing legendary Hotels & Resorts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, EWAA has planned to expand itself to serve the guests at its best. We're eager to present our new upcoming hotels which will feature excellent services, contemporary architecture, proficient staff and intimate experience. 

EWAA is pleased to announce its following upcoming projects. 

  1. Grand Plaza KAFC Hotel - Riyadh (Coming Soon...)
  2. Grand Plaza Hotel - Jezan (Coming Soon...)
  3. Grand Plaza Hotel - Al Jouf (Coming Soon...)
  4. Almuhaidb residence -Tabuk
  5. Almuhaidb Residence -Riyadh
  6. Almuhaidb Residence -Jeddah
  7. Almuhaidb Residence -Dammam
  8. Almuhaidb Residence -Buraidah
  9. Ewaa Express Hotel-Riyadh

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