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EWAA is an equal opportunity provider!

Over 1000 dedicated and fully trained employees, EWAA Hotels considers the investment in its human capital as the major pillar of becoming sustainable and successful, along with serving the community where it operates. EWAA Hotels are keen about the investment in its dedicated employees and always ensuring that the knowledge, know-how and updated information in the field are communicated to all categories of employees through a well-structured training and human development programme. EWAA is committed to proceed with its convention of giving remarkable guest experience in the Kingdom and GCC. Our policy is devised keeping our valued guests, attentive and courteous employees, valuable shareholders and healthy working environment at its epicenter thus providing the best comfort and quality services so you are most welcome if you can support the EWAA vision and mission.

At EWAA, we are building an organization of representatives who are profoundly refined, creative and headed to succeed.
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